BPX Logistics is an established “one stop” transportation brokerage headquartered in Greenwood, IN. BPX Logistics is the brokerage division of BP Express which is a leader in the shipping container and drayage industry. The owners of BP Express started BPX Logistics in 2018 to handle the additional needs of their clients and the transportation industry. BPX Logistics draws on the talents and experience of their brokers from all avenues of transportation to include: 3rd party logistics, asset-based carrier, warehousing, brokering, and direct shipping. No matter the size, BPX Logistics has the solution for your shipping needs. BPX can offer you services in: OTR and local / truck load or LTL, over size and heavy hauling. BPX can live load, drop trailers, set-up warehousing, truck to rail, or coordinate shuttle to air. You can rest assured that BPX Logistics can handle all your shipping requirements.

Why choose BPX Logistics?

BPX Logistics offers superior service with extra attention to detail through their personal brokerage approach. When you use BPX you have your own private broker who knows you and your company’s needs. When you use BPX you have a direct line to your freight 24-7-365. You will never have to worry about calling in and being passed off to multiple dispatchers wondering where your load is and who booked it. At BPX we handle your freight as if it is our freight because it is “our” freight. We keep detailed tracking  and offer all load updates in real time. We have the foresight to see possible issues before they arise and take the initiative to implement the needed steps to see your freight gets there on time. BPX can also offer you what most other brokerages cannot, HONESTY and INTEGRITY. You will never have an issue with one of our brokers telling you a half-hearted truth or only shed light on part of the story. BPX stands by its word and cares about its image in this industry. We offer a personal brokerage relationship with a very large support network. Best of all, we don’t have a corporate monster demanding large margin and returns on your loads. We can work with our clients on rates and can set up a tailored logistical plan to fit you and your companies shipping  needs. WHY WOULDN’T YOU CHOOSE BPX LOGISTICS?



Call us now at 317-520-3575 to get set up with your personal broker or check a rate